Nic Cage From Left Behind Makes Every Movie Poster Better

You may not be aware of it, but the single greatest piece of art was just released for public viewing. Now, the world can marvel at the majesty that is the Left Behind movie poster.

Left Behind Nicholas Cage

While all other movie posters for all time are now obsolete in their original form, there is one thing that can save them. The one thing that can save us all – more Nic Cage.

What other actor would inspire a supercut of every onscreen laugh like Nic Cage did? Nobody else, that’s who.

Do you think just anyone could carry the trailer for Left Behind like Nic Cage does? Exactly. I thought not.

Some thought adding Godzilla to movie posters would make them epic, but they were unprepared for the level of epicness that is Nic Cage.

Here are 14 classic movie posters made even better by the addition of Nic Cage.

Avengers: Age of Cage

Avengers Nic Cage

Terminator: Rise of the Cage

Terminator Cage

Nic Gump

Forrest Cage

Frozen 2: I Wish We’d All Been Ready

Frozen Cage

Gremlins: Cage in a Box

Gremlin Cage

Home Alone With Cage

Home Alone Cage

Jaws: Antichrist

Jaws Cage

Poltergeist: Those Eyes, Man

Poltergeist Cage

Star Wars: A New Cage

Star Wars Cage

Titanic 2: Boat Ride to Heaven

Titanic Cage

Breakfast at Nicholas’

Breakfast at Tiffany's Nic Cage

The Chronicles of Nicholas: The Lion, The Witch and the Cage

Chronicles of Cage

The Lord of the Cage: Fellowship of the Nic

Fellowship of the Cage

Sharknado 2: This Time Nicholas Cage is Here

Sharknado Cage

What other movie poster would Nic Cage make better? Besides all of them.


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