A Guide to Every Mutant in X-Men: Days of Future Past

mutants X-men Days of Future Past

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Following the “Days of Future Past” storyline from the comics and connecting the worlds of the original X-Men films and X-Men: First Class required a lot of mutants from the Marvel Universe.

Here is a list of every known mutant from X-Men: Days of Future Past with a brief description of their abilities and their role in the film. (Here is a video and explanation of the post-credit scene if you need it.)

Wolverine – The most iconic member of the X-men, “Logan” possess superhuman strength, senses and the ability to quickly heal himself. His bone claws, as well as his entire skeleton, were later coated in adamantium, the strongest known metal. He is the main protagonists with his future self going back to inhabit the mind of his previous self and attempt to change history.

Wolverine X-Men Days of Future Past

Professor X – Charles Xavier lost the use of his legs, but is perhaps he world’s most powerful telepath. He created the X-men to help humans and mutants live together peacefully as equals. He appears in both the future and in the past trying to help Wolverine.

X-Men Days of Future Past Charles Xavier Professor X

Magneto – Friend and foe of Professor X, Magneto can control all types of magnetism and metal. He is one of the most powerful mutants in the world. He appears in both times as well, but his allegiances are always questionable.

Magneto X-Men Days of Future Past

Mystique – She is a shapeshifter, who, despite her usual blue appearance, can transform her appearance into that of any other person. She is the main target of the story line set in the past.

Mystique X-Men Days of Future Past

Beast – Covered in blue skin and fur, Hank McCoy is a brilliant scientist with superhuman strength and animal senses. He is the only mutant still with Charles Xavier in the past, prior to Wolverine’s arrival.

Beast X-Men Days of Future Past

Kitty Pryde – She and anyone touching her can walk through solid objects. She also has the power to send someone’s consciousness back into time. She is in the future and is the one to send Wolverine back in time.

Kitty Pryde X-Men Days of Future Past

Iceman – Shockingly enough, he has the power to turn his body and anything around him to ice. He is in the future war and is a love interest of Kitty.

Iceman X-Men Days of Future Past

Bishop – A time traveling mutant from the future, he can absorb energy and redirect it as blasts. He is part of the war in the future.

Bishop X-Men Days of Future Past

Quicksilver – He moves and thinks at superhuman speeds. He is also Magneto’s son. He is in the past and helps Wolverine at a crucial point.

Quicksilver X-Men Days of Future Past

Colossus – Able to transform his entire body into organic steel, he has superhuman strength and is almost invincible in his metal form. He is only in the future.

Colossus X-Men Days of Future Past

Storm – An extremely powerful mutant with the ability to control all forms of weather. This also enables her to fly. She is only part of the future storyline.

Storm X-Men Days of Future Past

Blink – She has the ability to create portals to teleport her, anyone or anything somewhere else. She is only in the future.

Blink X-Men Days of Future Past

Sunspot – He can absorb and channel solar energy to give himself superhuman strength and increase his resistance to injury. He is part of the future resistance.

Sunspot X-Men Days of Future Past

Warpath – An Apache warrior, he possess superhuman abilities in virtually all areas including strength, injury resistance and senses. He is only in the future.

Warpath X-Men Days of Future Past

Havok – He is the younger brother of Cyclops, at least in the comics, and has the ability to absorb cosmic energy and shoot it from his body. He is one of the mutants in the past who were rescued by Mystique from Vietnam, where William Stryker was attempting to ship them to Trask Industries.

Havok X-Men Days of Future Past

Toad – He has super strong legs and can leap long distances. He also has a long poisonous tongue. He is with Havok.

Toad X-Men Days of Future Past

Ink – Special mutant tattoos give him specific abilities for each marking. He is with Havok and Toad.

Ink X-men Days of Future Past

One of the rescued soldiers is credited as simply “Mutant Solider.” He who could either be Quill or Spyke.

Spyke Quill X-Men Days of Future Past


The first three of these make return appearances after Wolverine is able to reset the timeline. Beast also returns to the future after being killed previously.

Jean Grey – One of the most powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutants, she can access the Phoenix Force and become much more powerful and dangerous. Though Wolverine has been in love with her, she is the wife of Cyclops.

Cyclops – The field leader of the X-Men, his eyes shoot powerful optic blasts which he can only control with special glasses or visor.

Jean Grey Cyclops X-Men Days of Future Past

Rogue – She can absorb (and sometimes remove) the memories, physical strength, and superpowers of anyone she touches. In the comics, Rogue is also the love-interest of the X-Men Gambit (who is set to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse) and adopted daughter of Mystique. In this film, she appears to be with Iceman once the timeline is corrected.

Rogue X-Men Days of Future Past

Toward the end of the movie, Quicksilver is shown holding a little girl. Many thought this would be his sister Scarlet Witch. Bryan Singer confirmed it was not, but originally the little girl was supposed to reference another sister, which was intended to be an allusion to Scarlet Witch. But that line was cut from the final film. (Thanks to commenter Pavan for reminding me of this.)

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Days of Future Past

Scarlet Witch – She can send “hexes” which alter the probability of events happening. This gives her the power to cause explosions, stop bullets and create forcefields. She is Quicksilver’s twin sister and daughter of Magneto. (The duo, played by different actors, did appeared at the end of Captain America: Winter Solider and will be featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron.)

In the X-Men Days of Future Past post-credit scene, a future villain of the X-Men is revealed.

Apocalypse post credit scene X-Men Days of Future Past

Apocalypse – One of the oldest and most powerful mutants ever, he has superhuman abilities in virtually every area, which are also augmented with advanced alien technology.

Are there any from the movie that I missed? Which mutants would you like to see in the X-Men: Apocalypse? Personally, I’m excited about seeing Gambit.


  1. Pavan

    That’s not Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are twins (can you really see Magneto as anything but a one night stand type of guy? Especially with a human). Also Bryan Singer confirms that there is no Scarlet Witch, they originally had a twin sister for Quicksilver but it didn’t work so they cut get out of the story. The little girl is Quicksilver’s half sister

  2. Frnando


  3. Frnando

    The girl dress in a princess dress sitting with quicksilver watching the tv should be Polaris. I gesss…

  4. Flan

    How come Havok is the younger brother of Scott Summers?(Cyclops) Havok shows up on Xmen First Class right? and even Charles Xavier is too young to meet scott. Havok is around 18 or 20 something in that timeline right? so, why? Can someone please explain it to me?

    • kmyero

      It’s a liberty they took in the movies they completely forgot this link between the characters so it doesn’t exactly matters, they just don’t mention the connection so it basically doesn’t exist and it’s fine by them…. however it really pissed me off when i first saw havoc in first class (huge time issue there considering the comics)….

    • You are right. Havok clearly cannot be Cyclops’ younger brother in the film timeline. It’s just one of the things they have changed in adapting it from the comic books to the movie screen.

  5. Jody

    I thought that the future villain was Dust.

    • It can’t be Dust beacause Dust it’s a female and also she’s not from egypt, and, in the time wich Apocalypse apears at the movie,it wouldn’t be posible to Dust to apear ’cause Apocalypse is far older than Dust. And then again, Apocalysis is shown doing telekinesis and Dust’s powers consist in letting her transform her entire boy into dust not telekinesis. But I’d like to say that I would really enjoy if they decide to add Dust character storyline to the movies, she’s awesome.

  6. vanesa

    mencato y gual que las otras

  7. Meagan

    They have already brought Gambit to the big screen in the wolverine origins movie so hopefully they keep it the same actor

    • Sofia

      As a child I grew-up watching X-Men every Saturday morning and Gambit was my favorite character. Sadly from what I’ve read they are not keeping Taylor as Gambit but instead bringing in Channging Tatum to play him. I love Channging however I just can’t seem him pulling off Gambit.

  8. Jorge

    You missed the four horsemen of Apocalypse at he after credit.

  9. robby

    idiot,havoc is not a younger brother of cyclops,he is the elder brother of him

    • Raven

      Actually, Havoc is the younger brother of Cyclops. They took the liberty to make him look like the older brother, but he’s not in the comics. If you were a true marvel fan, you’d know this.. Just sayin.

  10. Stan

    Who is the one searching through the rubble in the very first scene with the Xavier dialogue, the one who apparently gets vaporized by a sneaky sentinel?

  11. CJ

    Who were the mutants in the autopsy photos? I only caught Angel in there but don’t know who the rest are.

    • KMac

      The one right before Angel was Azazel I believe. Not sure who the first two were though…

    • Jojo

      I *think* the first one was Shaw. Just based off looks, but that makes little sense as he was dead long before that kind of database would be made or needed. But the others included Azazel, which makes absolutely no sense in the context of his comic book character (really the film version is completely incompatible with the comic one), Angel, and, again I *think*, Ink (who is shown in the vietnam scene with Toad, Havok and Spyke/Quill.

  12. Chris

    Really would like to see Songbird played by Rihanna. I also heard rumours of Gambit being played by Channing Tatum. I really hope that’s not true! Taylor Kitsch should remain Gambit! He was perfect!

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