Door Jam: May 28, 2014

black panther captain america

Make Use Of: Who is the world’s richest superhero? It’s not Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. They don’t run their own African nation that’s home to one of the world’s rarest metal. Black Panther would be worth around $500 billion. (HT: Joe Carter)

Tyler Vigen: According to this, Stephenie Meyer’s work has a greater vocabulary than those of Tolkien, Lewis, Dickens and Austen. Excuse me, while I completely discount the validity of this comparison.

unique words twilight meyer

22 Words: Just how far is it from here to the moon? Every planet in our solar system could fit between Earth and there.

planets fit between earth and moon

Mashable: I’m not sure what else to say other than, this guy is a hero.

io9: Seven years worth of meteor showers in two minutes.

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  1. The “words per unique word” column from that chart has Twilight at 14 and The Hobbit at 13.9, so no difference in unique words per capita. 😉 Tolkien would have had more unique words if The Hobbit were longer. hehe

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