Door Jam: May 14, 2014

Door Jam

Hollywood Reporter, The first image of Ben Affleck’s Batman (or Batfleck) and the Batmobile were released today.

You can also get a glimpse of the full prototype and … wait, is that a manically laughing villain in the smoke? Apparently not.

Ben Affleck Batman Batmobile

Hollywood Reporter: “OK, so they cast Affleck as Batman. It’s not like they’re going to make Gambit … Channing Tatum or something.” Oh.

I guess the good news is that we are getting Gambit in the next X-Men film and a stand-alone film for the Cajun card thrower.

Gambit X-Men Channing Tatum

New York Times: Another interesting map that breaks down the most popular team in each zip code based on Facebook likes – this time it looks at the NBA in general and the playoff match-ups in particular.

NBA fans zipcode

Huffington Post: One of my most favorite quotes I have coined is “Facebook is where sarcasm goes to die.” Apparently, hyperbole meets a similar fate in news articles designed to get clicks.

No, despite what some are saying, Pope Francis was not really making a theological statement about baptizing aliens, but rather about a hyperbolic line about how the Holy Spirit makes possible the impossible. But C.S. Lewis actually did make a theological statement about aliens.

Pope Martian

Den of Geek: A remake of the tremendous BBC miniseries Broadchurch is coming to FOX this fall. Gracepoint looks as great as the original with David Tennant as the lead. But maybe there’s a reason it looks like the original.

Here’s Tennant performing essentially the same scene with a British accent from Broadchurch and with an American one from Gracepoint. After Doctor Who, it’s a bit jarring hearing him sound without his trademark accent.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Tennant is not the only former Tardis passenger coming to U.S. TV screens. Karen Gillan is set to star in Selfie, an ABC comedy loosely based on My Fair Lady.

Here’s the Gracepoint trailer:

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