Lamp Post: March 13, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

Facts & Trends: 25 Ways the Web Has Changed the Church

Here are 25 ways the internet has forever changed the church and how it functions. Some of the changes have been beneficial, others have not, but they all impact the way we view church in the 21st century.


Christ & Pop Culture: How God Showed Up In House of Cards

Viewers of Netflix’s hit series House of Cards have come to expect the show’s dark turns, whether involving murder, sex, or just the everyday political machinations of life inside the Beltway. But they might not have expected the moment this season featuring an intimate church worship service and a soulful praise song. Even more surprising is the story of the one who was chosen to bring the holy moment to life.

Barna: Sequels, Selfies and Space: 2013 at the Movies

Movies continue to be a major part of American’s lives: between the theater (3.3 movies per year), cable or television (about 19 movies per year) and DVD/Blue-Ray or streaming (approximately 23 movies per year), the typical American watches an average of more than 45 movies per year. Whether they sense the influence of film or not, movies continue to power the cultural and moral imagination of adults simply by virtue of the hundreds of hours they spend watching such fare.


AP: Retired Yankee Closer Pulls Out One More Save

“The baseball field is one thing. We won championships,” Rivera said Thursday after the dedication of a once-crumbling church his foundation restored. “But this is totally on another level. This is to hopefully bring families closer to the Lord. … Changing people’s lives, that’s what counts.”

YouTube: God is not dead. In fact, He is alive and well, not to mention supported, in the philosophical schools of high quality universities.

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