The Lamp Post: February 27, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

Christianity Today: Why Mere Christianity Should Have Bombed

A somewhat disjointed set of C. S. Lewis’s views on a wide range of theological, philosophical, and ethical matters, the book became the most important and effective defense of the Christian faith in its century.

A Pilgrim in Narnia: Justin Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC (a review)

I also never knew how much Lewis had been asked to appear on the BBC. He declined literally dozens of request over the next decade or so, until they finally stopped asking (for the most part). He did broadcast four times after the war, but almost always he said no to the polite requests. And in saying no, he really limited his audience, as the broadcasts would have been repeated in Australia and later in America. He was offered a weekly radio show in the United States, which he turned down.

Brain Pickings: J.R.R. Tolkien on Fair Tales, Language, the Psychology of Fantasy, and Why There’s No Such Thing as Writing “For Children”

Fantasy is a natural human activity. It certainly does not destroy or even insult Reason; and it does not either blunt the appetite for, nor obscure the perception of, scientific verity. On the contrary. The keener and the clearer is the reason, the better fantasy will it make.

ESPN: Kevin Durant Likes “The Servant”

Hearing sports reporters baffled by Durant giving himself this nickname reminded me how counter-cultural Christianity truly is. They simply had no idea why someone of his caliber would want to take on such a lowly moniker.

As he strives to win his first league MVP award and to keep his Oklahoma City Thunder atop the Western Conference standings, Kevin Durant is ready for a new nickname.

Just call him “The Servant” from now on, the star forward told Grantland’s Bill Simmons.

“I like to serve everybody. My teammates. Ushers at the game. The fans,” Durant said in an interview Friday.

Mike Lee: 8 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Children

4. Listen to your children.  Don’t just hear what they say, listen.  Put down the book, the remote, the hobby, the newspaper, the iPad or Kindle, and really focus in on them.  Truly listening to your children will communicate that they are important to you and not a distraction from what’s really important to you.

Trevin Wax: Free eBook: The Scarlet Thread Through the Bible

On December 31, 1961, W. A. Criswell, pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, TX spent several hours walking his congregation through the Bible’s grand narrative, tracing the “scarlet thread through the Bible.” Criswell repeated this journey on other occasions and added a significant amount of material. But it’s the original sermon from Criswell that was later transcribed and published. Together with the Criswell Foundation, the Gospel Project team is pleased to re-release this book in a digital format.

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