The Lamp Post: February 13, 2014

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

The original Narnian lamp post drawn by Pauline Baynes

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Facts & Trends: Amanda and Heath wanted to get married in their favorite place. That just happened to be under a bridge with their homeless friends.

Christ & Pop Culture: Interesting story about how Christians in Russia are hoping to use the Sochi Olympics as a platform to bring change to their country and reach more people for Christ.

A Beautiful Day: A touching piece by a mother on why she chooses life and how, despite what she was told, having a child in high school did not destroy her life.

New York Times: Alvin Plantinga doing Alvin Plantinga things and not only showing the rationality of Christianity, but the irrationality of atheism.

Breakpoint: The New York Times ran an expose on “the evil of the age” – an abortion mill. Too bad, this was from the 1800s and the Gray Lady has lost her conscience.

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