Giftastic Social Media Recap of Sochi 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony

I honestly don’t know how we watched TV before we had social media and gifs.

Well, I mean, I know how we did it – with jokes that stayed in our living room. But now, our remarks can make their way around the world.

Here’s my tweet making fun of Team USA’s sweaters:

After 50 retweets, someone picked it up and published it in on a website I can’t read.

During the London Olympics, a friend tweeted a joke about Poland beating the US in beach volleyball, despite America having 40 times the coastline.

Apparently, the Polish are sensitive about their beaches and they let him know how upset they were.

So just know, if you tweet about the Olympics people all around the world could read it – for better or worse.

Here are some of my favorite tweets I saw from last night.

Here are some gifs from the night’s festivities.

Olympic dancer

russian zombies

spin sick

Ring malfunction

Yes, that was a #SochiProblem, but it was more a problem for the one responsible for that part of the show.


Torch lighting
Opening Ceremony fireworks

Alright Sochi, let’s see something good.

Now, go USA go … home and change out of those ugly sweaters.

Featured photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham


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