Door Jam: February 21, 2014


Fast Company: While The Lego Movie is dominating the box office, with these posters, the connecting blocks are set to take over the Academy Awards. See Lego versions of the films nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Yahoo: This reindeer exists


Relevant: “Diseased” meat made it’s way into Hot Pockets. In other news, there’s real meat in Hot Pockets.

Buzzfeed: What if Doctor Who were American? This list simultaneously makes a lot of sense and terrifies me in a couple instances, especially this one …

Nic Cage Doctor Who

Vine: As a Duke fan, I loathe seeing North Carolina celebrate a win, but the pushback over the students rushing the court is ridiculous. Besides, if we ban court rushing, we would lose great moments like this.

Check out UNC bro wearing a Jordan jersey and khakis coming in at the bottom of the screen.

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