37 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines Day is always fun at Tretinoin acne, whether we are talking about fake Christian dating sites, extremely cheesy gifts, Christian pick-up lines or Christian conversation hearts like “I Agape U.”

This year, I wanted to help out my fellow nerds, who may be looking for the right way to express their feelings to that special someone.

Geeks rejoice, here are some of the best Valentines I could find for Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, video games, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Firefly, Sherlock, Battlestar Galactica and two other very appropriate cards for this blog.

Doctor Who

Lord of the Rings

Star Wars

Video Games

Star Trek

Harry Potter



Battlestar Galactica

C.S. Lewis

Which was your favorite geeky Valentine? Did I miss one you’ve seen somewhere else?

The Valentines were gathered from: Tilde Magazine, Geek Crafts, Buzzfeed, Nerdy Valentines, Rebloggy, UpRoxx and Battlestar Fan Club.

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