Lamp Post: January 30, 2014

Photo from Deviant Art

Photo from Deviant Art

While I enjoy posting the odd and humorous stories I find across the internet in my daily Door Jams, I see a lot of good, encouraging content that I’d love to share as well.

To continue with the Narnian allusions, welcome to the inaugural Lamp Post. I’ll have some news items that are significant and worthwhile, along with opinion pieces that I found to be quality content and thought-provoking.

I want this to be a weekly post that shines a light on something good you may have missed. Like the lamp post Lucy spotted in Narnia, my goal is for this to guide you to something new, but at the same time be there to point you back home.


Scientists discover a new, simpler way to make stem cells – If this research pans out as they expect, this could end the debate over destroying embryos to harvest their stem cells.

Evangelical campaign says everyone – even gays – reflect God’s image – This is basic Christian doctrine (that every human possesses the imago Dei), but I’m thankful for any time that is reiterated.

The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries – Despite being often maligned, early Christian missionaries greatly benefited the histories of the nations they visited, according to new research.

Chick-fil-A gives free food to motorists stranded in Southern snowstorm – An Alabama Chick-fil-A store provided food to those trapped in their stores and along the nearby interstates.

Turning Tables: Flipping the Rap Conversation to the Gospel – In a broader culture increasingly shaped by the hip-hop subculture, several artists are turning the discussion toward Christ.


Mandisa Wins Two Grammys But is Not There to Accept Them … – Christian recording artist Mandisa shares honestly and openly why she deliberately chose to watch the award show from home.

6 Ways to Fight Your Approval Idol – Twitter comedian Sammy Rhodes opens up about his own struggles and how fellow Christians can fight against people-pleasing tendencies. I needed this.

Say Anything – Sometimes people, including (especially?) Christians, forget that they are conversing with other real people over the internet. Jamie Wright encourages us to talk online like we would face-to-face.

Top 10 Ridiculous Responses Regarding My Third Pregnancy – Vanessa Rasanen humorously dissects the way so many people struggle with families with more than two kids.

Explore the Bible promotional video – A great trailer showing the value of daily Bible reading and studying God’s word in community.

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