Giftastic Recap of Gmail Going Down

It happened again.

The dark day when our existence starts to fade to black. When hope is snatched from our tiny, helpless hands.

Gmail is down.

First people start talking about it at work.

What? Gmail’s down.

Yep. It’s crashed.

Death from the computer.

First, we are all like.

Why, Gmail, why?!?

Then we get angry.

Storm the Google gates!

Someone absolutely loses it.

I’m going to give it to the Man, man!

All of social media must know.

I’ve got to tell Twitter!

The four people still using AOL don’t care.

Whatever … I’ve got mail.

Everyone starts scrambling trying to remember the password to their Hotmail or Yahoo account.

I’m coming for you Hotmail … ahhhh, it burns.

Then a slow realization starts to dawn.

…. wait a minute

If Gmail is down …

That means …


Oh yeah, go me, it’s my birthday, no email, no work, I get to go home, let’s get crazy, uh huh, oh yeah …

But by then Gmail’s working again.

Slow. Clap.

*Sigh* Back to work.

Fun while it lasted.

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