Why was my UPS package late?

Photo: Mark Lennihan, AP

Photo: Mark Lennihan, AP

I know. It’s not a great feeling.

Waiting anxiously each day hoping your package arrives in time.

You ordered something for Christmas. But it didn’t make it, causing confusion and annoyance – at best.

It’s time to boycott FedEx, complain repeatedly about UPS on social media. How could they not deliver a simple box on time? It’s their only job.

Yes, moving packages from point A to point B is the only thing delivery companies have to do, but there is a lot involved in that seemingly simple task.

Despite what you might think, the package your ordered from Amazon or were expecting from a family member is not hand delivered from the point of origin to your house.

It goes through several large warehouses in the middle of the night with hundreds of exhausted employees handling thousands of boxes.

I know because I did that for five years while pursuing my Masters.

We call the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas “peak season.” During those four to five weeks the number of packages coming through each building can double or more.

The individuals loading the boxes into the transfer trucks or smaller delivery trucks will see more than 2,000 packages every night.

Yes, to you one of those 2,000 is special and more than likely the worker is attempting to treat the boxes with respect and care, but they can only do so much so quickly.

They could load the packages faster and move them quicker, but it would mean that they aren’t as careful to make sure things are handled correctly.

Remember, you are not the only one who is shipping or expecting packages during this time. With the continued rise in online shopping more and more gifts are delivered through services like UPS, FedEx and DHL.

If you are ordering something and want it to arrive at a certain time, make sure you give it plenty of time because of the extra volume companies are dealing with right now.

Do not order something two days before Christmas, select two day shipping and become enraged when it doesn’t arrive in time.

Be understanding of those who are attempting to ensure you package arrives as it should at the final destination.

When you are in a time crunch at work, does it help you to have people yelling and complaining about what you are trying to do?

I know it is frustrating to not get your package on time. I’ve experienced that myself.

But things happen, And even more things happen when even more packages are being delivered.

Do yourself and the workers in between your order and your receiving your package a favor and don’t wait until the last minute, causing extra pressure on an already tight system.

Your package was late because workers were swamped with more work than they could handle. It happens to all of us.

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