Top 10 Wardrobe Door Humor Posts of 2013


Part of what I enjoy most about The Wardrobe Door is the combination of sincere and silly.

Most posts here are my serious reflections on Christianity and culture, but Fridays are usually reserved for a humorous take.

In 2013, these were the humor posts that you liked and read the most.

10. 10 Commandments for Using an iPad in Church


With the growth of technology, there needs to be some guidelines for electronics in church services. Here are my 10 commandments handed down on two stone computer tablets. (Interesting note: If I had included the page views from my posting this at Facts & Trends, this would have been second on the list.)

9. Let Another’s Tweets Praise You


Humility is not often on display on social media, so I decided a few photoshops and modern “translations” of Proverbs 27:2 could help make it more of a reality.

8. Top 10 Sharknado Sequel Possibilities


Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle, other times you catch sharks … in a tornado? Somehow the SyFy Channel made the horrible, campy Sharknado into a can’t miss TV event. So of course they were going to make a sequel. I went ahead and gave them some suggestions.

7. Touchdown Theology: 10 Reasons Why John Piper is the SEC of Theologians 


Seeing the preseason football polls full of SEC teams reminded me of Calvinist bookshelves and John Piper. I found even more similarities between the Reformed writer and the top college football conference.

6. Top 5 Back to School Songs for Parents


Sure, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for kids, but the back to school season may be the time for which parents are most anxious. Here are five songs to help parents celebrate.

5. Top 10 Christian Break-up Songs

break up songs

Christians have songs for most every situation, but not break-ups … until now. With a few tweaks (not twerks!) to some well-known Christian songs, here are ten songs Christians can use to end their dating relationships.

4. 10 Hobbit Christmas Carols

Gollum Santa

What could be better than a combination of the best-loved Christmas carols and Middle Earth? For a nerd like me, not much. Apparently, there were lots of other nerds out there who enjoyed this post and, in just a few days, pushed this up the 2013 list to number four.

3. Psalm 151: Psalm of Hipster Worship Leader


What happens when you mix a little humor, a touch of hipster and a pound of heresy? A new psalm that highlights the issues a hipster worship leader faces.

2. An Introverts Guide to Being Introverted


After reading article after article of extroverts trying to explain introverts to the rest of the world as if they were the Crocodile Hunter describing some exotic animal, I decided to write a post about introverts for introverts.

1. 10 Kinds of Candy Every Christian House Needs on Halloween


You have kids running around on a sugar high knocking on your door and climbing up your walls every year for Halloween, why not take a moment to explain deep theological truths using their favorite trick-or-treat candy? Or not because they’ll probably forget when they slip into a sugar coma.

What was your favorite humor post this year at The Wardrobe Door?

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  1. Sharknado and Halloween Candy were my favorites.

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