The Clock Strikes on the Time of the Doctor

Time of the Doctor

Matt Smith’s run as the Eleventh (or Thirteenth as we discover) Doctor came to end perfectly.

The episode summed up his entire run. Sentimental without being sappy. Funny without being overly comedic. A ragged man and his box.

Bringing back all of his most treacherous and memorable enemies for one last mammoth battle played better than I expected.

Weeping Angels are creepy as always. The Sontarans provide comedic relief. The Cybermen get creative, even to the point of one being a temporary companion for the Doctor. The Silence aren’t quite the evil we thought they were – in fact, they’re priests. The Time Lord ominously, but invisibly hold sway.

But it all comes down to the Daleks. It’s always the Doctor and the Daleks – the Time War that will not end.

While I have enjoyed this Doctor, it was time for a new one.

Clara needs her doctor. Try as she (and the writers) might, this Doctor was always Amy Pond’s Doctor. They obviously knew this as they brought her back for one last goodbye.

Now Clara Oswald, the impossible girl, has her own impossible Doctor. He had reached the regeneration limit. There was to be no more Doctors.

Yet, here we are again – a Doctor having to relearn his companion, himself and apparently how to fly the Tardis.

Bow ties will always be cool. Fezzes will always be questionable. Fish fingers and custard will always bring a smile … unless I’m the one that has to the eat them.

But the clock has struck 13, as it were. Time waits for no man, or even a time lord.

Doctor who?

Matt Smith gave viewers some amazing memories, but it is time for Peter Capaldi to make his mark on the iconic role.


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