Door Jam: December 12, 2013

I'm fairly certain that sign means, "I'm kissing my job goodbye." AP photo from ABC.

I’m fairly certain that sign means, “I’m kissing my job goodbye.” AP photo from ABC.

Business Insider: An interesting map that breaks down the largest religious group for every county in the United States. You can see large swaths of Baptists, Catholics and Mormons, as well as splotches of various other Christian denominations.

Fox News: Normally, presidents contact winning teams and winning players, but former president George W. Bush reached out to Cade Foster, the kicker for the University of Alabama, who many fans blamed for the Crimson Tide’s loss to rival Auburn.

Deadspin: Who is the highest paid state employee in your state? Hint: he’s probably a football coach.

Telegraph: Canada wants to let Russia know there will be no North Pole invasions. They’ve got Santa’s back. #Eh

YouTube: What exactly was the “sign language interpreter” at Nelson Mandela’s funeral saying? Jimmy Kimmel brought in a real interpreter and translated what his signs actually meant, including at one point saying, “this is basically fun.”

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