Door Jam: December 2, 2013


The wrong kind of tithe, drawing Disney, the most expensive book ever, trying to find the next Oregon Trail, and an engagement surprise even though she knows it’s coming – all in today’s back to work Door Jam.

The Blazing Center – Are you giving a tithe to your ego? Barnabas Piper shares how anything less than a complete effort is idolatry.

World Magazine – Mark Henn, a lead animator for Disney’s Frozen, shares how his faith impacts his work as one of the men behind some of the most famous film princesses.

RNS – One of 11 copies of the Bay Psalm Book, the first book (and piece of Scripture) printed in English in America, sold for $14.2 million, the highest price ever for a printed book.

Washington Post – SimCity wants to be Oregon Trail. I can only guess that means they want another generation of elementary aged kids to dread fording a river or dying from dysentery?

22Words – What do you do when your girlfriend finds out you are going to ask her to marry you? If you’re this creative, sweet jerk you use that to your advantage.

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