Door Jam: December 18, 2013

The Dislike Button

The good, the disliked and the Disney – today’s Door Jam.

The Wire: In the sweetest thing ever category – a victim of the Boston bombing is now engaged to a nurse he met in the hospital. Take that terrorists.

Atlantic: C.S. Lewis was overshadowed in his death by JFK and Aldous Huxley, but his legacy continues to outshine them both.

Mashable: Facebook gives you a “Dislike button,” just not where you want it.

Daily Snark: What NFL team logos would look like if they were designed by Disney. A few are really bad photoshops, but some of them are really well done and pretty funny (via Jonathan Howe).

YouTube: Just in case you forgot about the first Hobbit movie. Here’s all the things wrong with it. (Coarse, mostly censored language)

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