Door Jam: December 10, 2013

Is Hunger Games real? No, but some one thought it was.

Satanists want a display. A live nativity scene has a government-mandated modern addition. Would you be surprised if the government used 1980’s technology? Would you be surprised if a teenager thought Hunger Games was real?

NBC News: Things are about to get strange in Oklahoma. Satanists want to put their own monument beside the 10 Commandment one on the Statehouse steps.

Telegraph: A church plans authentic nativity play, except for the government-mandated safety helmet Mary has to wear.

New York Times: Parts of the federal government still use floppy disks. Does the fiasco surprise you now?

Yahoo! Answers: One user was really confused by the realism in the Hunger Games and wanted to know if they were actually part of our history. They’ve since changed their question, but the greatest answer is still there. “The reason Pocahontas is so famous is because she was the winner of the first Hunger Games.

YouTube: So dark, but so funny – Christian martyrs read Joel Osteen’s tweets.

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