10 Hobbit Christmas Carols

Photo from GeeksOfDoom.com

Photo from GeeksOfDoom.com

With another Hobbit movie in theaters during the Christmas season, I thought it would be great if we could combine the two and sing Hobbit carols.

The good news is that because hobbits go barefoot, you won’t have to worry about Christmas Shoes showing up anywhere on the list.

Here are 10 Hobbit-inspired Christmas carols, you’re sure to love as much as second breakfast.

Photo from Game Informer

Photo from Game Informer

10. Smeagol, Did You Know? (Mary, Did You Know?)

“Smeagol, did you know that your preciouses would leave you for a hobbits?”

9. O Hobbit Night (O Holy Night)

“O hobbit night, the pantry needs restocking, it is the night that the strange dwarves arrive.”

8. Bilbo the Thieving Hobbit (Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer)

“Bilbo the thieving hobbit had a very shiny ring”

7. I Came Upon an Arkenstone (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear)

“I came upon an arkenstone that wondrous jewel of old.”

6. Smeagol Claus is Coming to Town (Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

“You’d better watch out, you’d better not sleep, you’d better be stout, I’m telling you why. Smeagol Claus is coming to town.”

5. Silver Ring (Silver Bells)

“Silver ring, silver ring, it’s thieving time in the orc caves.”

4. What Dwarf is This? (What Child is This?)

“What dwarf is this who ate my food, who has a face so hairy?”

3. O Little Town of Esgaroth (O Little Town of Bethlehem)

“O little town of Esgaroth how still we see thee lie. Above thy deep and dreamless streets an angry dragon flies by.”

2. Gandalf the Wizard (Frosty the Snowman)

“Gandalf the Wizard was a troubling, meddlesome soul with a long, grey cloak, and a giant nose and a staff that takes its toll.”

1. Dragons We Have Heard on High (Angels We Have Heard on High)

“Dragons we have heard on high, torching over all the plains, and the mountains in reply, echo all the scorching stains.”

What other Hobbit Christmas carols could we sing?

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  1. Minifig3D

    I love it! I would love to see the full lyrics to Bilbo the thieving hobbit.

    There’s Bifur and Bofur and Bombur and Balin.
    Fili and Kili and Dori and Dwalin.
    Gloin, Ori, Nori, Oin… (not sure how this fits)
    But do you recall? The most famous of them all?
    Bilbo the thieving hobbit, had a very shiny ring…

    I would listen to this song even throughout the year, not just near Christmas time. xD

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