Door Jam: November 8, 2013

A weird “car,” an odd smell, an unusual promotion, a terrifying kids movie and a precious Miley parody in today’s Door Jam.

Mirror: Toyota latest vehicle innovation seems to be for us to ride on a mind-reading horse without a steering wheel. I think they’d have more success calling it a new form of Pokemon and selling it to nerds.

Local 10: The headline for this story reads: “Finally: Bacon scented deodorant has arrived.” As much I love bacon, I have to question the use of “finally.” That deserves to be Inigo Montoya’d.

Relevant: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is bringing back many of the things which made the first film a box-office success. That obviously includes their tie-in with Denny’s and a promotion of second breakfast.

Forward Progress: The kids might not be ready for Disney’s Warplanes, but I’m ready to buy my ticket now.

YouTube: Every one of the “Gollum sings …” have been fantastic, but “Gollum sings Wrecking Ball” may take the cake … or the Precious, as the case may be. I was just thankful the video never zoomed out to show “Gollum” swinging on an wrecking ball mimicking the actual video.

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