Door Jam: November 22, 2013 – C.S. Lewis round-up

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis (along with John F. Kennedy and Aldous Huxley). As such, numerous people have and will share their thoughts on his life and legacy. Here are some that I’ve enjoyed so far.

If you see some that are especially noteworthy that I have missed (or your wrote your own) let me know, as I will be updating this throughout the day.

Ed Stetzer: On that fateful November day, Camelot was over, but Narnia lives on. (I actually contributed to this piece.)

RNS: C.S. Lewis more popular 50 years after his death than he was in life

Newry Times: What real life area inspired the fantastic Narnian landscape?

ABC: A “Mere Christian”? Assessing C.S. Lewis after 50 years

SBTS: The tale of C.S. Lewis’ imaginative legacy

Desiring God: Half a century since C.S. Lewis

New York Times: The Chronicles of C.S. Lewis to lead to Poets’ Corner 

TGC: The inconsolable longing of a romantic rationalist

Ligonier: Who was C.S. Lewis?

TGC: Nine things you need to know about C.S. Lewis

CT: C.S. Lewis’ pen pal, Kathy Keller

Newham Recorder: Did C.S. Lewis inspire Doctor Who? Unseen C.S. Lewis essay to be published

Telegraph: Lewis’ stepson remembers the day “Jack” died

Washington Post: C.S. Lewis, a guide to the good life

RNS: Why C.S. Lewis remains popular: a friend reflects

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