Door Jam: November 14, 2013

What is at the heart of evangelism? A premature baby gets the chance that all should get. Duck Dynasty looks more like Scrooge McDuck Dynasty now. Soccer is trying to invade actual football. A giraffe decides to play a dinosaur … without the amazing raptor costume from a previous Door Jam.

Blogging Theologically: Aaron Armstrong reminds us that evangelism is not about us, rather it is about love – for God and others.

San Diego 7: Alexis Clarke, a baby born at 25 weeks, weighing 11-ounces, is now leaving the hospital as a healthy 6 month old. The only difference between her and one aborted is the personal preference of the mother. Are we really comfortable with that as a nation?

Forbes: If you can put camo on it, Duck Dynasty has done it and sold it. Say what you will, but it has worked to the tune of $400 million in merchandise sales. That reminds me of only one duck.

Deadspin: What happens when football meets futbol? Some cool re-imaginings of NFL logos as European soccer logos.

YouTube: Welcome to Giraffic Park …

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