This world is broken. What’s God doing about it?

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This world is obviously broken – sickness, hurricanes, war, murder, and on and on. When I feel overwhelmed at the thought of it and beg God to fix it, I hear Him say, “I have. I will. I am.”

I have.

We messed things up. That’s on us, humanity. We rebelled and chose to become God’s enemies, inviting sin and death into His perfect creation. Everything that followed is the logical and inevitable result of the fall.

But God – those are two amazing words – but God decided not to leave us trapped in this fallen creation, in our own state of fallenness. He sent His Son to provide a way of escape, a way for us to become a new creation ourselves and part of the new creation itself.

This world is broken. You and I both know it. But God has provided the solution. When we struggle with all that is wrong and cry out to Him, “Will you please fix the mess we made?” He looks to the cross and says, “I have.”

I will.

This new creation that we are a part of will become a complete reality one day. Just as God promised to send a Suffering Redeemer the first time. He has promised to send a Sovereign King the next.

One day things will be set right. Not just right, but perfect. Set back to the way things were before the fall. But not just that. Even better. Redemption is a concept so mind-blowing that angels wish they could understand it (1 Peter 1:12).

Even after the cross, things still aren’t the way they should be. Not completely. Not yet. But that doesn’t mean they will always remain that way. When we don’t know what else to do and we ask God to make things right, He looks to the return of His Son and says, “I will.”

I am.

Often times, we understand the first two. We recognize that God has provided salvation through the cross. We know that Christ will return one day and usher in His Kingdom. But what does that mean for now. What is God doing today to make things better? He left you here on Earth.

See, God is at work, even now, making things right. He has redeemed people all around the world, bringing them together in local churches to be agents of His Kingdom. Here. Now.

We pray for this, but it can become so rote that we miss all the implications of it. We pray, in the old King James language, “Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” In that prayer, we are praying that God’s Kingdom would come and that the Father’s will would be carried out on Earth as it is in Heaven. That’s our job, as Christians, as the Church.

As we wrestle with all of the trials of this world and we wonder if God is doing anything, even now, to make it better, He looks at the Church, His bride, and says, “I am.”

I have. I will. I am.

This world is broken, but that did not catch God by surprise. He has fixed it. He will fix it. He is fixing it.

He has fixed it through the cross in providing a way for us to escape the grip of sin and death. He will fix it completely one day with the return of Christ. He is even working to fix it right now through His body, the Church, that He has left here.

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