How do we know sin is slavery?

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Stories have often been told about those who have been freed from slavery and how difficult it is for them to realize what it means to be free.

Even those who are kidnapped can undergo what has become known as Stockholm syndrome, where they become emotionally attached to their kidnappers. The captives come to view their captors positively, even to the point of defending them once they’ve been released.

Sometimes, as Christians, I think we have a case of Stockholm syndrome when it comes to sin. Often times, it is what we have known for so long that we connect it with safety and comfort. We forget sin is slavery.

How do we know sin enslaves us? We have to fight to get out.

The imagery the Bible uses when it comes to the way we relate to sin is one of warfare. Paul repeatedly comes back to word pictures of battles, armors, enemies and attacks to illustrate our relationship to sin now that Christ has freed us. 2 Corinthians 10 and Ephesians 6 are perfect examples.

But not only do we see it clearly in Scripture, we know it from experience as well. You do not leave sin without a fight. It grabs you, claws you, threatens you, tempts you, anything and everything it can do to convince you to stay.

That means it’s slavery. That shows it is holding you even though it has no claim to you.

Recognizing that doesn’t automatically mean you live in the freedom Christ has purchased for you through His death on the cross, but it is the first step.

You have to see sin for what it truly is – a slave master that only wants to use you and keep you imprisoned. There may be a moment of short-term pleasure, but that does not make up for the lifetime of abuse and degradation you experience at its hands.

You can know sin is slavery because the moment you realize that to be the case, you must battle to escape. You rest in the victory and freedom Christ has won, but you allow that victory and freedom to work in and through you to make it a realization in your life.

No matter what attachment you may feel to a certain sin, know the feeling is not mutual. There is, however, a Father that has already paid the ransom to set you free and is waiting on you to return home.

Don’t stay a slave, fight in the freedom you’ve been given as a son or daughter of the King.

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