Door Jam: October 24, 2013

Sometimes, you just need a day to smile. I hope today’s Door Jam brings a smile to your face. These are some interesting and encouraging stories to start your day. Enjoy.

A Dwelling Daughter: A friend shared with me the blog of a young lady who was inspired to start after the unexpected death of her father. I could not imagine losing a parent as a teenager and especially not in handling it with such honesty, grace and trust of her Heavenly Father.

Reading her posts, I was moved to tears both at her loss and at how God is working to redeem even this disastrous loss in her life. She is an excellent, authentic writer and if you can spare a few minutes I believe you will be encouraged by reading her thoughts.

ABC: An orphan went to a church to plead for a home. After the service, he didn’t have any solid offers. After his story went viral, he has around 10,000 families volunteering to adopt him.

Relevant: Two laptops were stolen from a church in Las Vegas … and then returned the next day with a note from the thief asking to be forgiven. That just goes to prove the old adage: what happens in Vegas, probably needs to be forgiven.

Cranach: A C.S. Lewis scholar has compiled an online chronology of Lewis’ life. He has also produced a calendar with events from the lives of Lewis and his brother on each day. *cough* My birthday is coming up. *cough*

22 Words: Aria Shahrokhshahi was failing math and no one thought he would be able to pull it up, but he worked hard and earned a C. He sat up a camera to record his dad’s reaction and what a reaction it was. I pray that I rejoice with my children like this when they work hard and achieve something they didn’t think they could.

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