Door Jam: October 14, 2013

Check your faith before you post your politics. Check your cardboard boxes for treasure before you toss them out. Check the options before you vote for the best religious leader. Check the spelling of “Jesus” before you print out thousands of medals. Check out this video before you watch Carrie or Cinderella again. Check this Door Jam before you start your day.

Ed Stetzer: “Constantly posting your opinions on political issues to a variety of social media outlets creates a barrier you may have not considered, particularly when your friends and family read them.” Are you more concerned with winning a political argument or winning your lost neighbor to Christ?

Yahoo: A cardboard soup box had an 18th century Jewish manuscript in it worth over $100,000, which leads to one major question … how do you have soup in a cardboard box?

Nashville Scene: So … Jesus is the second best religious leader in Nashville. This causes me to wonder about the city in which I now work.

CNN: A medal commemorating the first year of Pope Francis’ papacy misspelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.” What’s Latin for “you had one job!”?

22Words: What would Carrie look like as a Disney movie? Could Cinderella be a horror movie? Here you go.

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