Door Jam: September 6, 2013

Christians should support racial reconciliation. We should support medical advances that counteract effects of the fall. We, apparently, should all get more sleep. And we should all hate Peyton Manning because he stole Tim Tebow’s job … wait, what?

Daily JournalFirst Baptist of Oxford, MS apologized for voting to bar black members in the 1960s. The best thing about their move was that they did so in partnership with Second Baptist, a historically black congregation.

ABC: With a single injection, scientists have reversed Down syndrome in newborn mice. There’s no direct link to a similar cure for humans, but this could lead to advancements in that as well.

MD: A new HIV vaccine has proven successful in initial clinical trials. While we do not want to encourage promiscuous sexual behavior, we should want to help end physical suffering and children becoming orphans unnecessarily.

BBC: Sleep helps to heal your brain by boosting the creation of cells that protect the brain’s circuitry. In other words, my brain is out of luck.

TWD: The NFL kicked off last night with the Broncos hosting the Ravens. With Tebow cut from the Patriots, I wonder if his fans still hold a grudge against the Denver quarterback and call him names like “Seyton Manning.”

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