Door Jam: September 4, 2013

In today’s Door Jam: grave robbing, “idiot” signs, the merciless nature of the internet, Wilberforce on Carey, and a local sportscaster becomes the undisputed champion.

Washington Post: A man stole his father’s body because he believed it would be resurrected. No jokes from me. This is sad and an indication that we need to do a better job teaching about the resurrection.

AP: Apparently, an Ohio judge enjoys using humiliation as a form of punishment. For the second time, he has told someone “here’s your sign” and made them wear one that reads “Idiot.”

Trevin Wax: Yes, that tweet or Facebook status is forever. The internet shows no mercy and never forgets. Think before you post something online.

Jason Duesing: What did William Wilberforce, the man partly responsible for ending the slave trade in England, think about William Carey, the man partly responsible for beginning the great 19th century missionary endeavors? He believed him to be a “noble spectacle.”

DeadSpin: One of the great things about local news … OK, maybe the only great thing about local news is the opportunity to do something epic like this. A sportscaster name drops 31 wrestlers during his segment on Labor Day.

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