Door Jam: September 3, 2013

Predictions from 50 years ago, stop bragging about how busy you are, Les Mis gets modernized, why you should discipline, Tetris goes acapella – hopefully, these five things help you get back into your work week.

TechHive: In 1964, Isaac Asimov gave his predictions for what technology and life would be like in 2014. Some were spectacularly wrong, but others were surprisingly close.

Harvard Business Review: Yes, you are busy, but so is everyone else. Stop humble-bragging about how “slammed” you are. Work smarter, not harder or longer.

Deadline: Classic Les Miserables and cult classic Veronica Mars are trading places. While Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas will finally see his detective TV show make it to the big screen, he’s working to bring a modernized version of hit movie, musical and book to television.

Twitter: What exactly should be the goal and purpose for disciplining our children?

Discipline (your kids) with the goal of preserving you RELATIONSHIP, not your REPUTATION. –Andy Stanley #catalyst
— Catalyst (@CatalystLeader) August 22, 2013

YouTube: Every play Tetris? Smooth McGroove drops everything into place as he continues to make amazing acapella versions of themes from classic video games.

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