Door Jam: September 24, 2013

Millennials are slow. Horses are suicidal. Google is crashing. Weddings are not about photos. Short Round is winning. Yep, sounds like a Door Jam.

Wall Street Journal: Why don’t you young kids care about running for no reason and not being ultra competitive? Millennials, how pitiful … or something.

Huffington Post: A racing horse named Must Win climbed on top of the roof of his barn. I suppose the pressure of his name was too much to bear.

Mashable: On the day Google launched a website dedicated to the constitutions of the world, their email and web-based applications slowed down to almost a crawl. I wonder if we can pass an amendment to prevent Gmail from crashing?

RNS: If you are going to photograph a wedding, make sure you don’t stand behind this pastor. This ceremony is not about photos, it’s about God … and this pastor who just went viral.

22Words: Now, we know what happened to Short Round after Indiana Jones. He took over the Japanese wrestling circuit.

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