Door Jam: September 10, 2013

Christian martyrdom is centralizing in a surprising place. Richard Dawkins continues to be Richard Dawkins. Cable “news” remains a poor descriptor. The Oxford Dictionary makes me cry. !Hola¡ hit movie, soy Dora.

Christianity Today: Of all the Christians martyred last year, 70 percent were killed in one country – Nigeria.

RNS: Everyone is learning what Christians have known for a while. Richard Dawkins is a jerk that spouts off way outside of his realm of expertise. His latest disgusting controversy is dismissing child molestation as just “mild pedophilia.”

Pew: What cable news channel has the most objective news on their evening schedule? Surprisingly enough, it’s Fox. CNN is a close second. MSNBC is essentially unvarnished propaganda.

USA Today: Today, I weep for my daughter. She is growing up in a world where cassette is no longer in the dictionary, but twerking is.

College Humor: With the summer blockbuster season coming to a close, did you miss this action adventure? If Nick Jr rebooted Tomb Raider …

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