Top 5 Back to School Songs for Parents

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This is the Christmas season for parents. They anxiously await for the day to arrive. Excitedly, they get up early that morning … it’s the first day of school!

While children confront the opening of school with wails and songs of lament, parents sing a different tune. It’s not that parents don’t love their children or want to spend time with them, but seriously the stay-at-home mom has that twitch in her eye that says she’s done.

She probably developed it from endlessly cutting “the look” after being asked several times a day, “What’s for lunch?” That’s not to say her face frozen with eyes locked in an evil glare and a mouth stuck in a slight snarl is not beautiful. It’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it husband? (Nod and walk away. Nod and walk away.)

That’s not to say the husband has escaped the summer unscathed. After perpetual piggy back rides to kids who aren’t expending all of their energy with friends at recess, dad starts to look like Quasimodo.

After all of that, sorry kids, but your parents might be a bit giddy when they drop you off at school. If they slow down and open the door, get ready to hit the ground and rollit will soften the impact. Chances are one of these songs might be blasting from the Honda Odyssey.

5. California Roll – Dr. DriveThru and TwoPack

You’ve made and eaten more peanut butter sandwiches than you really care to admit. Frozen fish sticks will not touch your lips for another nine months. It’s time you had lunch at a real restaurant. One without a ball pit, but with real adult food. Like Sushi.

4. No Longer Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirminivana

If you have teenage boys in your home, their “spirit” smells distinctively like sweat and Axe body spray. Someone seemingly started the rumor among middle school boys that coating your skin in an inch think layer of Axe removes the need for a bath. When they leave for school, you can break out the hazmat suit for their room.

3. Back in Bed – AC/AM

Remember how during the summer your children got up at 4:30 in the morning, just so they could ask what you were making for lunch. Those days are gone.

2. Nap, Nap Baby – Vanilla Scented Candle

Just like you had to get up early, you never could go back to sleep. Not any more. Finished everything in the house that needs done? Lay back down in the bed. You are no longer under pressure.

1. Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Mass Parental Choir

That’s pretty self explanatory. Remember, Christmas for parents.


How quickly did your parents shove you out of that station wagon when you were a kid. Now that you are a parent, what song do you sing on the first day of school? 

Do you have any traditions that you do on that first day at home without the kids? I mean, besides the little dance you always do when you walk in your front door and realize no one is going to ask you about lunch today.

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