Top 10 non-SEC teams with a chance to win the national title

Photo by me as a freelance reporter/photographer, a game at Blacksburg High School.

The college football season kicked off last night, which means lots of schools from other conferences started playing for the opportunity to lose to a Southeastern Conference school in the national championship game – provided another SEC school does already have that spot secured.

How bad (or good if you’re from the SEC) has it gotten? This bad.

BREAKING: With the new college football season underway, all non #SEC schools have been automatically eliminated from BCS title contention
— NOT SportsCenter (@NOTSportsCenter) August 29, 2013

An SEC school has won every BCS title game since the current method to determine a champion has been in place. The last time a school that was not a member of the SEC won the national championship was 2006 -– the same year Hannah Montana first aired. Yep, that Hannah Montana.

But this year, the last season of the current bowl format, this may be the time the SEC gets knocked off from their perch high atop college football. I’ve found 10 teams that I believe can challenge and possibly even beat the inevitable SEC opponent in the title game.

Here are the top 10 non-SEC teams with a chance to win the national championship.

10. T.C. Williams High School Titans (Remember them?) and that big guy from Blind Side

9. Bo Jackson’s Oakland Raiders on Tecmo Bowl

8. Minnesota State University, but only if Mr. Incredible can be a player and the Coach

7. Green Bay Packers when Bart Starr or Brett Favre was quarterback

6. Dallas Cowboys when Tony Romo is not the quarterback

5. Real Madrid. Wait, that’s not football. Never mind.

4. Not the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ever.

3. The Notre Dame team with Samwise Gamgee as backup linebacker

2. South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs … but only if Mama don’t mind

1. Tim Tebow. Singlehandedly. As long as he doesn’t have to wear a Jets uniform.

Do you think any real college team has a legitimate shot at beating the SEC team that is bound to be waiting on them in the BCS title game?

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