Door Jam: August 29, 2013

Actual news you can use and some that’s entirely useless except for a good laugh – in today’s Door Jam.

Mere Orthodoxy: A new C.S. Lewis letter was found. Why haven’t any of you given me an unpublished C.S. Lewis letter?

Duke Divinity: Pastors are more prone to depression than the average person. Seriously, let your pastor know how much you appreciate them.

Variety: The new Exodus film is taking shape with the latest casting news. What do you think of the seeming return of the biblical epic?

Twitter: I’m guessing he nailed his 95 dreams to the Lincoln Monument.

‘Here I stand.’ RT @DarrellIssa: For those interested in reading, here’s the full text of Martin Luther’s speech:
— Mollie Z. Hemingway (@MZHemingway) August 28, 2013

YouTube: Oh my … that’s amore … I think.

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