Door Jam: August 27, 2013

Five interesting stories jammed into one post to start your day.

Austin InstituteThe gender gap at church worsens for evangelicals. Among never married 30-39 year olds attending church, 73% are female and only 27% are male.

CNN: The lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins says the future of rock and roll is God. Billy Corgan also has a word for Christian rockers.

22 Words: A 96-year-old widower pens a song for his wife of 73 years. In a world were new and now often reign supreme, Fred reminds us of the joy and love that come from a lifetime commitment.

RNS: Measles have made a small comeback in the US, thanks in part to a prosperity gospel preaching megachurch. Just when you think pushers of a false health-and-wealth gospel can’t do any more harm …

ABC: Police threaten a church group with arrest for feeding the homeless in a park. It’s a good thing Raleigh, NC police have solved all the major problems that they can move on to harassing people over not having the right permits to hand out biscuits to hungry people.

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