Top 10 Rejected VBS Themes

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Hopefully, these VBS themes never show up at your church.

Thanks to VBS, I remember my childhood summers only through a hazy fog of off-brand Kool-Aid and store-brand cookies. Those were simpler, but crazier times when popsicle sticks and glue were plentiful and annoyingly catchy songs filled the air.

Then there were the themes … oh, the Vacation Bible School themes. We sent surfing, exploring, climbing, launching and discovering in unknown oceans, dangerous deserts, extreme mountains, deep space and compelling mysteries. All in church sanctuary transformed by cardboard, styrofoam and craft paint. Lots and lots of craft paint.

Creativity was wild and free in those days, but just like Hollywood, the glittering lights of VBS may be going dim. While the latest blockbuster has lost all sense of originality, many VBS themes have ventured into the absurd either  losing all sense of kid-friendliness or using Bible passages that are a bit odd as the unifying theme of a weeklong event for children.

Somehow, churches have avoided bringing these to life and scarring kids for life, but I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time. Here are the top 10 rejected, for now, VBS themes.

  1. Highway to Holiness
    Playing in the Road For Jesus
  2. Balam’s Wild & Crazy Donkey Ride
    It’s a Flying, Talking Donkey. Well, Talking Anyway.
  3. Jacked Up
    Living the Caffeine Filled Life
  4. Fleein’ Sodom & Gomorrah
    Don’t Look Back & Get Salty
  5. Bears, Baldness & Bouncing
    Come Jump Around With Elisha’s Friends
  6. Jammin’ With the Judges
    It’s Crazy Times in Ancient Israel
  7. Driving Early
    Get on the Road to Adventure Without a License
  8. Snarknado
    Enough Said
  9. Crusin’ The Megiddo Valley
    Where the Blood Runs High
  10. Snake Island
    Shaking Off Danger With Paul

What is your craziest VBS memory? Have you seen any themes you thought were a little strange?

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