Photo: Reflecting on the moon

Different aspects of the world cause different people to feel God’s presence. For me, outer space is the one aspect of creation that always reminds me of the Creator. The beauty and the vastness echo a great, creative God.

One celestial object, more so than any others, reminds me of the Christian life – the moon.

ISS Luna diurna 12-9-12
Photo from by danicaxete

As beautiful as the moon can be, illuminating the dark night, it has no light of its own. It can merely reflect the light from the sun. The lunar beauty is most obvious, when it is most reflecting solar light.

For the Christian, we recognize that we have no goodness in and of ourselves. We cannot produce it. We were not designed to do that. We were created in God’s image to reflect His goodness. To showcase His light to those glancing at us.

Gazing up through the midnight air, the moon gently reflects the sun’s rays down, giving us a beautiful image of what it is reflecting. My life should do the same.


What part of creation speaks to you most about the Creator? Does your life more resemble a full moon or an eclipse in the way you are reflecting Christ to those around you?

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