Photo: What are you missing?

God has given us a world to explore and subdue, respect and govern, full of adventures to be had. God has entrusted a life to you capable of so much, when we seek to live it in His power.

But what happens when we give up? What are we doing when we try to do life in our own way? This pictures perfectly illustrates the results.

Photo from by Stephen Griffin

These ships were made to sail out on the water, not lie useless in the grass. In the same way, your life was meant to operate in God’s current. Attempting to live your life for yourself and by yourself is as pointless as trying to sail these boats through the grassy fields.

Where is your life right now? Are you enjoying the journey that God has laid out for you in His river or is your boat laid helpless in the grass either too stubborn to do it God’s way or too afraid to trust God with the risks that come out on the water?

These boats are missing out on what they were created for – are you?

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