Actions speak loudly, but attitudes can scream louder

Things need to be done.

Shocking, right? But, all of us have tasks before us that need to be accomplished. Those things do need to be done, but there is more to it than simply completing what is in front of us.

We all know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” While that may be true, it does not consider how loudly our attitude can scream, often drowning out the voice of our deeds.

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No one enjoys huffs, sighs and eye rolls when someone is supposedly helping us. We want others to joyfully help and serve us when that time comes, but how well do we do the same for others?

It is not simply a matter of doing the right thing. We must do the right thing with the right heart, the right attitude.

If we are serving or working for others, our actions will speak louder than our words, but our attitude can overpower them both.

It is not enough just to say all the right things, but neither is it enough to just do all the right things. To make the largest impact and the most positive impression, you should serve joyfully.

When we work and serve to the best of our abilities with a positive attitude, we are yelling to those around us:

“I think you are valuable enough for me to give this my all – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

On the contrary, working or serving with a poor attitude shouts to everyone else:

“I guess, I will do what I have to do, but you aren’t important enough to me to go beyond that.”

Whatever your true feelings are, your attitude will amplify that to those around you.

Your attitude is the megaphone of your heart. 

Doing what you are asked is going one mile with someone’s pack. Doing it with joy and an obvious servant’s heart is going the second mile. (Matthew 5:41) Serving in that way may be even harder than actually doing double the physical work.

This is not something that comes easy or naturally. I know all too well. I’m unfortunately infamous in my house for sighs and sideways glances. Too often, I work with anger on my face, instead of joy in my heart.

Serving others, completing assignments, finishing chores and doing it with joy and love – that has to flow from our relationship to Christ. Only He can work in and through us in that way, but that happens when we discipline ourselves for godliness.

When we direct our lives that way, allowing Jesus to empower us to live a life changed by the gospel, our words, actions and attitudes will not be overpowering one another. They will blend perfectly together.

A life filled with fitly spoken words, rightly performed actions and a joyful servant attitude will be a life in harmony, producing a sweet melody that others will want to be near.

In it, they will hear echos of a Savior who endured the cross, obeyed His Father’s will completely, while being focused on the joy set before Him.

Actions speak louder than words, yes, but never let your negative attitude mute your positive actions.

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