Baptism and Birth control: a researched Christian look at both

I’m fairly certain those two topics have never been joined together. To be clear, they are not actually joined together now, except for the fact that those are the topics for the papers that have taken up so much of my time the last few weeks.

Since my original blog writing has decreased due to finishing these papers, I thought I would post links to both of the papers here.

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Baptism: If you have a desire to read about a biblical and historical, including archeological, defense of believers’ baptism by immersion, as opposed to covenantal pedobaptism (baptizing infants as part of the covenant body of believers), you can find that paper here.

My thesis statement is “Believer’s baptism by immersion is the proper mode and was the accepted form of baptism in the early church based on Scripture and church history.” This places me at odds with Presbyterians and others, many (maybe most) of whom love Jesus more and know more about the subject than I do. I recognize the disagreement and humbly hold to my position.

Birth Control: Perhaps, you wonder about the ethics of birth control – can the Christian use it and, if so, what forms of birth control would be moral, immoral or questionable? That paper is here.

My thesis statement is “This paper will seek to argue that when all methods of birth control are considered, the married Christian couple may use any form, provided it is not actually or potentially abortifacient.” What makes this stance potentially controversial is that the popular birth control pill is considered as potentially abortifacient, as it can prevent a fertilized egg (unique human life) from attaching and developing. I understand the disagreement that lies here, but I ask only that others would research the information and make an informed decision.1


The upload to Google docs shifted some of the page numbers, footnotes, etc. around some. Also, in the baptism paper, it didn’t like Greek words. So, you’ll notice a weird, misspelled word or two in a different font. That was the Greek word. You’ll may also find other misspelled words and some grammatical mistakes. That wasn’t a Greek word – that was just me.

Before you go and read those papers, understand that I see do not see these as first level order issues. You can be a devoted Christian who loves Jesus and disagree with me on these topics. In fact, you may be right. After my research, I’m more convinced of my stances, but I do not hold my positions on these topics as tightly as I hold on to doctrinal issues like Jesus being the only way to salvation.

1You can find an extremely well-researched and helpful book on the topic from Randy Alcorn entitled “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortion?” The small book is available for free as a PDF download from Alcorn’s Eternal Perspective Ministries.

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