Supposed ‘Jesus tomb’ scholars: "Please look at us!"

We all have that friend. Maybe some of us are that friend.

Some people are not content unless they are the center of attention. They crave the spotlight and will do almost anything to be out front.

At the same time, they want everyone to like them. So, while they are doing and saying the craziest things, they are continually trying to spin their hoarding attention as if it were treasure as if it were good for you.

“I know I interrupted you announcing that you were having a baby, but I thought now was a good time to talk about the cool new app I found for my iPhone. This way, you can save your baby story for later. OK?”

It appears everyone associated with the so-called Jesus family tomb, is that friend.

Simcha Jacobovichi during the earlier “Jesus-tomb” flap

I previously wrote (Jesus tomb “scholar” made up even more history) about how one of the supposed “scholars” that was a major part of Discovery Channel’s 2007 special on a tomb that reportedly contained three ossuaries with the names “Mary,” “Joseph” and “Jesus.” Even though that is essentially as rare as finding a 21st century high school notebook with the name “Britney” scribbled in it, this “ground-breaking discovery” was breathlessly covered by the media.

Charles Pellegrino was one of the driving forces behind the findings. As it turned out, Pellegrino has a history of fabricating history for profit and claiming doctorates that he never earned.

For some reason, two other players in the initial “Jesus-tomb” fiasco are out making gigantic claims with seemingly very little additional information from their previous media tours. One could possibly argue it has to do with the fact that the two have a book coming out or that there is a new film and Discovery Channel special on the way, but that would be cynical.

Their latest discovery could actually be seen as affirming biblical Christianity, as it finds 1st century ossuaries in a tomb near the “Jesus-tomb” that, they assert, have a cross and fish carved into them. Both were symbols of early Christian and both speak to the idea of Jesus’ resurrection, establishing that the early Church believed in the bodily resurrection of Christ, contrary to those who claim this was a much later addition.

Jacobovichi, Tabor & Dr. Rami Avar at the announcement
of their latest discovery. Photo from

If this was all that James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovichi were claiming then it would not be garnering headlines across the world and would not be attracting attention for themselves and their upcoming work. Tabor and Jacobvichi are asserting that this most recent discovery supports their claims about the “Jesus-tomb” – that it contains the bodily remains of Jesus of Nazareth.

Other scholars are skeptical of Tabor and Jacobovichi’s claims, particular their assertion that this new discovery in a second tomb affirms their earlier statements about the “Jesus-tomb.” Dr. Christopher Rollston provides a detailed rebuttal and responds their linking the two tombs. In part, his conclusion on the matter is that “there is no necessary connection between these two tombs and there is no convincing evidence that some famous figure of history (not Jesus of Nazareth, not Joseph of Arimathea, not Mary Magdalene, etc.) was buried in these tombs.”

While it seems patently obvious that this fame hungry duo was doing little more than throwing new things up against the wall and making grand assertions all in an attempt to be seen and heard, the news media was all too happy to grant them their wish.

I’m fairly certain that in a few years, a new tomb will be discovered with new writings inside it, which will once again by used to prove to the whole world that the “Jesus-tomb” actually does contain Jesus’ bones. Tabor, Jacobovichi and others will once again spend more time in front of a fawning press than in the midst of an archeological dig.

I’m not sure who wants attention more – Tabor and Jacobovichi making unsubstantiated and unfounded claims of grand importance or Britney writing her name all over her notebook. I am sure that the supposed “Jesus-tomb” guys are much more desperate.

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