Humor: Top 10 Christian pick-up lines

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Valentines Day is always fun here at The Wardrobe Door. Last year, I gave you the top 5 Christian Valentines Day gifts (that you should never buy).

I also put together some sweet Christian conversation hearts (“sweet,” get it?). Those are well and good for the person in a relationship. but what about single Christians?Not every Christian is married or in a dating … uh, I mean … courting relationship. Some of them are still trying to find that special person. What about them?

This year, I’ve got you covered. I’ve scoured the internet and racked my own brain to give you the top 10 Christian pick up lines.

With that being said, use at your own risk. I will accept no blame for flaming crashes in attempts at these lines. I will, however, bask in your thankfulness (and perhaps, cash donations), if you use these and end up in a loving marriage.

But let’s be honest, if you are resorting to using these … chances aren’t good.

10. Do you believe in laying on hands, because I sure do?

9. You need to buy an indulgence, because it’s a sin to look as good as you do.

8. I’d move to Egypt to be your slave.

7. Is your name Esther, because you and me were made for such a time as this?

6. Be my Bathsheba, except, you know, the whole peeping tom, adultery and
murder thing.

5. I’m predestined to ask you out and you were predestined to say “Yes.”

4. I’ve been saving my love offering for you.

3. I was reading the book of Numbers and I noticed I didn’t have yours.

2. I don’t believe in sprinkling, because you were dunked in hotness.

1. Does your WWJD stand for “Who Would Jesus want you to Date,” because I’m pretty sure that’s me?

What other Christian pick-up lines have you heard? If you have had someone use one on you, please share that.

If you had a …. um …. “friend” use a Christian pick-up line, I would love for you to share what your “friend” said and if it actually worked for your “friend.”

Would anybody be honest and admit that any type of pick-up line actually worked with you?

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