Bolivia Day 8: We worship a God of opportunities

When I was first approached about being on the team from our church going to Bolivia, I was excited about the chance to take part in an international mission trip, but I had no idea the opportunities that God was bringing my way.

This trip has brought me closer to my teammates, introduced me to new international friends and expanded my cultural horizons along with my view of God. It is hard not to have your recognition of God increase when you spend a week with people from other cultures and languages as they worship and serve Christ along side of you.

One of the most precious moments for me was seeing Tomas, one of the university students who has been working with us all week, laying out the Gospel for a group after the Jesus film. I was talking to him about it later and he said, “God says that we are to be His instruments. That’s all I was doing.”

I’ve never had the privilege to share my faith in another language. This week I have had several opportunities. I worked with some of the local leaders to share the Gospel with people after the Jesus film. At the university, I was able to give my testimony, in some form or another, to four or five different classes. Thanks to our team leader and a local leader, I was able to preach at our going away party, which had many students from the university. I shared about the need for our reliance on God’s grace to save us, without any possibility of our works to help in that.

It has been exciting to do all of this all with my wife. We were able to share this experience, of an international trip, for the first time. I always enjoy seeing her using the gifts and abilities that God has given her. We hope to be able to share this soon with our boys.

We worship a God of opportunities. He grants us moments and choices for us to seize for His glory. This week has been about capitalizing on those amazing flashes of brilliance when God’s grace and plan meet our willingness and availability. God gives us special opportunities to serve Him. This is a lesson I should never forget.

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