Bolivia Day 7: We worship a God who provides

This daily updates have become shorter and shorter and often times, later and later. Our days are so full that I often do not get the time to write until we get in our rooms around 10:00. By the time I take a shower and get a chance to write, it is around 11:00. I put photos up first, then try to write, but by that time I am falling asleep. But I want to keep you updated on all that is going on and how God is displaying His character and nature to us every day.

We saw how God provides with skills, abilities, people and tangible things to accomplish His work.

We were broken up into smaller groups at the university. It always worked out that the Americans in each group were paired up well with the Bolivians learning English. We were able to make several contacts for Campus Crusade. Many of the students came out to help us with the Backyard Bible Club and those that were not Christians were presented with the Gospel on several occasions.

At the Backyard Bible Club, we had puppets, balloon animals, a clown – it was a big experience for the neighborhood. Of course, I had to follow that with my Bible story, but I believe it went well. We did the Prodigal Son. Our student pastor made an amazing tackle/hug on the student who was the Prodigal Son. We also had some students who made really nice pigs.

At the conclusion of the time, we had a cross necklace to give each one. We were only able to make 70 necklaces. The line of kids to get the necklaces was so long. I was constantly worried we would not have enough. After every one was given their necklace, we had two left. Just two. And those may have been given out to someone else later.

It was just amazing to see God continually provide through all of the resources at His disposal this week. He has used the talents and abilities He has given to each individual on this trip to accomplish His purposes. He knows what He is doing. He has reminded me of that this week.

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