Bolivia Day 6: We worship a God of unity

One of the most difficult doctrines to understand in Christianity is the Trinity. How can God be Three Persons in One? How is it possible for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be One Being? The belief may be difficult to understand, but it is vital to a Christian theology.

Recognizing that God is diverse, yet unified in the Triune Being, allows us to see how the body of Christ can be so very different, yet still part of the same body. It doesn’t matter if the parts are from different regions of the world or speak different languages. We are all part of the body.

That has been an amazing part of this trip. No matter where we are, God is there, His people are there and we are united by a bond in Christ. This bond, this unity is closer and more intimate than even blood relations. We share a loving Father, a redeeming Savior and an indwelling Holy Spirit.

Last night, we were in a church service where someone was translating Portuguese into Spanish, Spanish into English and English into Spanish. Yet, no one had to translate for God. We were all His children and He loved us the same.

It was so humbling to have my brothers and sisters from Bolivia and Brazil pray for us and thank us for coming to them. Here they are in this barely there shed with a tarp for one wall, a dirt floor and a sometimes working speaker and microphones, planting more churches in the area and they want to thank me.

We are family. I will see them all again one day. I will stand with them around the throne of our Savior, casting down our crowns at His feet, praising His name, singing songs of worship and there will be no translator, no need to try to think how to communicate to each other. There, the unity will be complete and people from every tribe, nation and tongue, including those from around Raleigh, NC and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, will be there singing “¡Gloria a Dios! Glory to God!”

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