Christian Conversation Hearts

My photoshop of a photo from by Cat2398

My photoshop of a photo from by Cat2398

On Valentine’s Day, I had a little social media fun with the question, “What would be on Christian conversation hearts?”

Giving credit where credit is due, my wife came up with the idea after I was discussing my Love Day post about Christian Valentine’s Day gifts.

I posted a few of them on Facebook and Twitter and had a good response, so I thought I would conclude this week of hearts with a Christian Conversation Hearts photoshop, plus all the ones from Twitter and some bonus heart texts that I haven’t posted anywhere yet.

Christian Conversation Hearts:

❥ Side Hug
❥ Let’s Court
❥ Bless UR ❤
❥ 1 Cor 13
❥ Love Is …
❥ I Agape U
❥ Song of Songs
❥ Marital Bed
❥ Bible Babe
❥ Holy Hottie
❥ Holy Hunk
❥ 4Ever Heaven
❥ Love Jesus
❥ Jesus N UR ❤
❥ Be His

How about Calvinist Conversation Hearts?

❥ UR Predestined
❥ Can’t Resist
❥ I Choose U

Arminianism Hearts?

❥ Choose Me
❥ Don’t Reject Me
❥ Free Love
❥ Don’t Lose It


❥ Best Possible Date
❥ Middle Knowledge of Us


❥ Let’s NOT Dance
❥ Always Sober
❥ Just As I Am

I’m sure there are a ton I’ve missed. What other Christian Conversation Hearts can you think of?

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