Pasta is god?

Unless you are on a low-carb diet, most people think pasta is good. But “pasta is god” seems to be a bit of stretch. Except for some atheist skeptics, who believe they have demonstrated the purported absurdity of the intelligent design movement by postulating the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Followers of FSM (or Pastafarians) believe that their parody creator demonstrates the lack of rational evidence for a true intelligent designer. It’s just a shame that the point they actually make is one that refutes their entire argument.

When you read media articles about FSM, you find skeptics patting themselves on the back for being so clever to have come up with and supported this parody. Often times, they believe that they do not even have to make another argument – just mention flying spaghetti and the debate is over, they won.

In the video above, William Lane Craig gives reasons why the parody fails as any type of argument against Intelligent Design. It also fails, horribly so, as an argument from the absurd against the existence of an actual God.

Supporters say that the FSM is just as likely to be behind creation as the Christian God or any other deity, based on the arguments of Intelligent Design. OK, but that doesn’t mean much since Intelligent Design is not intended to show or reveal a specific intelligence behind the design, but simply that it is there.

Arguments for the Christian God’s existence come from various other places, none of which exist for the FSM. I enjoy the skeptics efforts to create a satirical deity that proves their point, but like most other things, they believe they have proven much more than they really have.

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