Media ignores a Koran being burned

Wait, did I say the media ignored a Koran being burned, I meant the media ignored a prominent atheist professor desecrating a Eucharist. You didn’t actually think the media would ignore the Koran story did you? But one of the leading spokespersons for atheistic evolution stabbing a Eucharist with a rusty nail and throwing it in the trash in a blatant attempt to offend Catholics? That’s no big deal. It’s just free speech, right?

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University of Minnesota professor Dr. P.Z. Myers had been threatening to somehow offend Catholics using the communion wafer for some time. Until recently, he had been unable to get his hands on one. Local Catholic churches knew of his plan and had prevented him from personally coming into a mass and getting it. Obviously, his actions were intended to offend and make a point. Does that sound familiar?

I’m not saying Catholics or Christians should operate from the same victim mindset as many did during the Koran burning debate. This should be, and is, an opportunity to demonstrate the proper way to respond to idiots behaving idiotically. The right way to respond is in the realm of ideas, not intimidation, violence or silencing critics. But honestly, Myers is not much more than an atheist shock jock. He does things just for attention and I really don’t care to give it to him. Why should I? People say and do things offensive to Christians on a regular basis, so much so that it has lost all impact. Myers is just another in a long line of provocateurs waiting on their spotlight.

The question is why the obvious and distinct double-standard from the media. The relentless covered the tiny church in Florida and their plans to burn a copy of the Koran. They have avoided like the plague Myers offensive actions. Not only did he trash a communion wafer, but he threw it in the trash with a page from the Koran. There is the defamation of the Koran, they were so anxious to report on when some lone nut preacher talked about it.

Can anybody please tell me why it is the media suddenly seems so unconcerned with offending the sensibilities of religious people? Did the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech become important once again, now that the Koran is safe from Fundamentalist Christian media hounds? I know Myers is hurt that his own attention grabbing stunt didn’t get, you know, attention. But that only comes when self-professed Christians set out to offend other religions.

Sorry Myers. No one cares. Christians don’t and apparently neither does the media.

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