American girl’s sweet 16 party builds orphanage in Kenya

Not only do we do too little for our God, we think too little of our God as well. We are content with asking God for small, and in the long run, insignificant things. We do not attempt great things for God because we too often believe in a God that we can keep in our pocket.

Thankfully, many are waking up from their stupor to actually examine the way God has revealed Himself to us. Not just in Scripture and in Christ, but in creation. Not to undermine the first two, they are the most important and vital, but sometimes we can gather a sense of the grandeur of God by looking at the vastness of the night sky with stars stretched out for billions of light years, seeing the intricate beauty of blooming flower or observing the delicate butterfly flutter across an afternoon breeze.

We sing about the greatness of God, but too often we fail to do anything about it. Maybe that’s about to change.

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I recently ran across the story of Megan MacDonald. Megan was turning 16. Thanks to MTV and the, I’ll say it, spoiled kids on their show Sweet 16, many teenagers believe that they need an extravagant party with tons of presents. The day, the world, is about them. “It’s a Me, Myself and I party and you are invited to celebrate ME.”

Megan didn’t buy into the American Dream for 16-year-old girls because Megan had been on a missions trip outside of the United States and saw the needs of those around the world. Megan decided to use her birthday as a means to show the love of Christ and expand God’s Kingdom. Instead of gifts, Megan asked people to make donations toward a church orphanage in Kenya.

Because of that selfless act, she and others were able to raise $30,000 and fully fund the orphanage. I tried to think of an appropriate way to end this post, to challenge you (and me) to do great things for our great God. I could not have said it any better than Megan:

One verse that has really gotten me though this process is Colossians 1:27. It says, ‘Christ in you is the hope of glory.’ Just that thought — you are the hope of glory for somebody, for somebody else — all it takes is faith and persistence, and God can do anything through you. It’s amazing what God can do through anybody, as long as you have the faith and are willing to do what He asks. … They [her friends] started volunteering. They started helping out with other things. And it’s really cool to see how one little thing can change a group of people. I think God has called us to great things, every one of us. And whether it be doing something in your community or doing something overseas, I definitely think that God can work through you in any way.

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